Partner with the Reeses

On Mission with the Reeses

The Reeses are devoted to growing God's Kingdom here and around the world! Working full-time for Manna Global Missions allows them to do that in many different ways. They currently live and work in Cookeville, TN and are deeply connected to works in the Dominican Republic and Central America.

A few of their roles with Manna include:
- Supporting ministry leaders at various sites
- Directing the Groups and Sponsorship Programs
- Launching El Puente (The Bridge), a community center in Cookeville, TN
- Working in administration to support all of Manna's ministries

They would love for you to join their mission and community!
For 2023, they are raising $60,000, or $5,000/month. That is $25,000/year for each of them to work full-time and $10,000 set aside for travel expenses related to their work.

Would you be interested in sending a one-time gift to them as they prepare for another year in ministry? Would you like to support them on mission monthly in 2023?