Partner with the Mynatts

The Mynatt Family and Manna Global Missions

The Mynatt family has worked with Manna Global Missions since 2009. Chad is the Senior Director for Discipleship and Jill is the Senior Director of Development. Manna is devoted to making disciples of Christ in developing countries and at home. They work with ministries and teams in Cookeville, Tennessee, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

In the Dominican Republic, Chad and Jill work with the Senior Leadership Team to help oversee and direct its ministries including Manna Children’s Home, Manna Christian School, Campus Discipleship Ministry in Santiago and a Scholarship Program.

In Cookeville, they are leading the team to open a Community Center for the Hispanic population. The name of the community center is “El Puente”, or “The Bridge” in English. The Manna team feels called to be a bridge that helps address tangible and spiritual needs in the Hispanic community in Cookeville.

They are also helping launch a new effort of Manna in Central America.

With all of these efforts all over the world, their goal is to grow disciples who can faithfully take on Kingdom efforts that glorify God.