Support Manna Central America

Manna Central America

This End of the Year we want to share the journey of partnering with Manna Global Missions to support vital missions in Central America. In our lives, we have experienced positive influences and opportunities. We have developed deep connections with local leaders and family in Central America. Julio's role as a liaison between Manna and the teams on the ground in Central America demonstrates their commitment to facilitating Kingdom work. We want to highlight the importance of sharing the gospel and supporting these missions, as well as to extend an invitation to others to do so.

This EOY we want to provide a glimpse of the transformative work taking place in Central America through Manna. We spotlight the impact in Nicaragua, where lives are being changed through discipleship programs led by dedicated local leaders, and in Costa Rica, where a new missionary is making a profound difference as both groups work on a church plant. Our call for support, both one-time donations and ongoing monthly commitments, underscores the significance of this mission and the difference that can be made with contributions. We want to share this message that resonates with the spirit of the holiday season, inviting others to share in the joy of bringing Christ, hope, love, and fulfillment to the people of Central America, while empowering the next generation of Kingdom workers.

If you have more questions or would like to reach out, please contact Julio Montenegro at