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Manna Central America

By the grace of God, Manna is expanding its Kingdom efforts to reach more countries in Central America. Keep reading to learn more.

Alvin and Eyling, with their 3 children, David, Caleb, and Danna, as well as another couple, Armando and Samirly, are leading the work done in Nicaragua. They are engaged in children’s ministry, young adults, and a house church plant. They are actively discipling adults and young adults while seeking more opportunities to grow.

Costa Rica:
Ronald, one of our evangelists working with the team in Nicaragua, is rebooting his local ministry as he engages with local young leaders through discipleship efforts. He has partnered with Kevin Curington, one of Manna's former disciples in the Dominican Republic, in this ministry development effort in Costa Rica.

Our efforts to build God’s Kingdom in Central America are in need of financial resources to continue developing these life-changing opportunities. For 2023 we are hoping to reach a fundraising goal of $50,000 to cover programs, staff, travel, and partnership expenses.

We hope you will consider being a partner by setting up a monthly donation. We trust that God will continue to guide us in this process. God is changing the lives of many people in Central America, and we believe in God's vision for Central America.

If you have more questions or would like to reach out, please contact Julio Montenegro at