Become a D3 Discipleship Student Sponsor

The D3 Discipleship Program in the Dominican Republic

The D3 Discipleship program (formerly Manna Campus Ministries) utilizes scholarships and other tools to help disciple young adults in the way of Jesus. D3 stands for disciple people, develop leaders, and demonstrate God’s Kingdom. Mentoring, training, and team-based service opportunities help shape team-based leadership among program participants. The ultimate goal and result is to release followers of Jesus committed to team-based leadership that will demonstrate God’s Kingdom and invite others into it, whether they serve in professional ministry or in the marketplace. Our desire is to help young people grow where they are planted, multiplying Kingdom-centered influence with neighbors, contributing uniquely to the betterment of their respective communities in Jesus’ name.

We currently have 14 students in the scholarship program and five young women live in the discipleship house. Our goal is to have 6 residential students and 19 scholarship students with a total of 25 students overall. Our desire is to offer scholarships in the following areas: leadership, service, character, and residential.

We are looking for monthly or one-time gifts to support various scholarships that represent the mission of MannaDR. This ministry currently needs an additional $4,500 per month to make this happen. With just 10 new sponsors signing up for a $450 monthly sponsorship, we can reach this goal. However, we recognize this is a large commitment for many. Any amount you can give on a monthly basis goes directly to the support of our students and is a huge help!

Thank you for your support and dedication to this program and these students. May God bless you abundantly as we work together to transform lives, grow leaders, and make disciples.